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Shocking video of Trump explaining his dangerous theory that people like him have superior genes

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Donald Trump claimed his family has “superior genes.”

Superior genes? Let’s see. His paternal grandfather came to the United States from Germany. His most famous achievement was running “hotels” (a.k.a., whore houses) and restaurants up and down the west coast and in Alaska during the Alaskan gold rush. His best known restaurant ( served dead mules from the Klondike trail) and “hotel” was on a boat so he could flee from the sheriff when things got too hot.

His mother came from Scotland in the first half of the 20th century. My family has a lot of Scots in it. After the creation of the United Kingdom there were many Scots running the British Empire but there were more crofters (dirt poor farmers and home wool weavers). My family has both the good and the bad. I have heard nothing indicating Mrs. Trump was anything but a housekeeper.

Trump’s father made his fortune by building cheap (price and quality) housing for military families during WWII and veterans after the war using government money. He was repeatedly accused by the federal government and fined for refusing to rent to minorities. Young Donald was included in the cases at least as late as the ‘70s. By the way, in the ‘20s Fred Trump may have been a member of the KKK. He was arrested by the police at a KKK event in New York. His name is in the police blotter in the NY Times back in the day.

After that The Donald left the family business and moved to Manhattan. In the early days Donald Trump constructed buildings only because of his father’s money and political connections.

Now, because he has filed for bankruptcy so many times and stiffed everyone he ever owed money, he never builds anything. He just sells his name. Sometimes the buildings with his name in gold (gold or brass?) get built, often they do not. He does manage some clubs and buildings owned by people who have real money.

Oh ya, those are some great, superior genes you have there Donald.


General Election 11/8/2016

This election is the most important election in our lifetime. The Democratic candidate is Hillary Clinton and apparently the Republican candidate will be Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is the worst candidate ever to run for President. He claims to be a great businessman but his businesses have gone bankrupt four times. He no longer builds anything. Almost all his income now comes from licensing other businesses to use his name. Most of the hotels with his name on them have lost half of their value since he started running for President.

Trump knows nothing about foreign relations or domestic policy. The only thing he seems to know is how to promote himself.

Primary Election 3/26/2016

My presidential and senate candidates did not do well. Sanders and Sestak lost in Pennsylvania. It looks like it will probably be Clinton vs Trump. McGinty will go against Toomy. The problem is the DSCC spent all its money for this race to get its favorite candidate. The national and state party does not like Admiral Joe Sestak. He would not say “yes” to every demand. While Donna Edwards did not win in Maryland, Tammy Duckworth won in Illinois. Shapiro won the race to run for Attorney General.

At the congressional level we have a good candidate in Mike Parrish for the 6th district. He is a West Point graduate, pilot, National Guard Colonel, and business owner.

Jake Long was not opposed in the 102nd State House race nor was Lorraine Scudder. Lorraine will go against Ryan to replace retiring Mauree Gingrich. Jake will be a rematch against the extremist libertarian Russ Diamond.